Question by  Harrisb85 (20)

How long do you bottle feed a fainting goat?

I need to bottle feed a fainting goat.


Answer by  drdoo (33)

You need to feed it for at least 12 weeks if you are going to bottle feed it. Be sure to feed it at a quiet time of day when the goat won't be easily startled by loud noises, and be calm and use slow, gentle movements at all times.


Answer by  Jenny25 (939)

You should bottle them for atleast 6 months. Fainting goats need to be pampered more than grown goats. They should also have enriched feed as well compared to regular goats.


Answer by  goldybar (37)

You would bottle feed a fainting goat as long as any other type of goat. Baby goats (kids) will generally need to be fed bottle fed for three months, then you can begin to wean. The amount they need to be fed depends on the age. Talk to your vet.


Answer by  GoatPerson (43)

Like dam-raised goats, they need to start being weaned by 6 to 8 weeks old. Once you get to that age, start weaning them of the bottle and show them grain to eat. It might take a couple of weeks to completely wean so you have to be patient.


Answer by  yaroo (4)

i have a baby goat & i make him drink untill he becomes 10 months or less !!!!!


Answer by  DesertRat (699)

How old is the goat? Basically, you should bottle feed it for about as long as it would normally take for a young goat to be weaned from its mother's milk. And don't try to feed it while it's fainted, you'll need to wake it up.


Answer by  farmerboy (20)

You should be able to bottle feed a fainting goat for just a short period of time. The key is to train the goat to drink out of a pail. After you have the goat drinking well out of a bottle start offering the milk in a pail.


Answer by  sharonlsorrell (1)

i have a baby boer goat feeding it lamb milk. but i need to know when it is a good time to start to weaning him. He is eating small amount of grass an hay every little corn. I lost a baby goat to feeding goats milk replacement

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