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Question by  cesarin (41)

How long can I keep frozen hamburger before I defrost and eat it?


Answer by  MissAmbitions (56)

Frozen hamburger meat can be kept for about six to nine months in the freezer before consumption. Try to avoid accumulating freezer burn on the meat, as this will decrease the quality of the meat. If hamburger meat is not used within the first twenty-four hours of purchase, freeze immediately. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.


Answer by  lynn (821)

hanburger can be kept frozen for ujp to a year so as long as it is packaged properly you should have plenty of time to be ready to eat your hanburger before you have to get it out and cooked up.


Answer by  Echo (229)

Coming from a family that buys lots of things in bulk, I can safely say that hamburger meat can be kept in the fridge for at least a year. The only reason we ever threw out hamburger meat was because of freezer burn, which didn't happen often.


Answer by  Anonymous

can you keep frozen hamburger in the freezer for two years if it is package right

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