Question by  Nagarajan (10)

How high are Georgia income taxes?

I am moving to Georgia.


Answer by  Dean (4035)

Georgia's personal income tax system (2010) has six tax brackets, ranging from 1 percent (income up to $750 to 6 percent on income over $7000. Some taxpayers can exclude part of their retirement income from state taxation.


Answer by  Att4372 (1704)

Georgia requires you to file if you file a Federal return or have income above the Federal personal exemption plus standard deduction. (This is around $10,000.). Taxes start at 1 percent, but go up quickly to 6 percent. You hit 6% at $7,000 (single) to $10,000 (MFJ) of taxable income.


Answer by  scwriter007 (254)

Georgia has a variable income tax rate with six income brackets. In reality, most people fall in the sixth bracket which includes anyone who makes more than $7,001 a year. The tax rate for this income bracket is 6%. The tax is withheld from employee paychecks just like the federal income tax.

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