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Question by  jhart (64)

How does toothpaste work?


Answer by  Happy28 (22)

Toothpaste has several ingredients. Water, sodium fluoride, a surfactant, and abrasives, and flavors. The sodium fluoride is to help remineralize teeth and strengthen teeth. The surfactant makes the toothpaste foam. The abrasives help remove biofilm and food particles from your teeth. And last but not least, the flavor adds depth to make the taste more satisfying.


Answer by  notto (73)

Toothpastes vary in their intended uses, but most toothpastes for adults perform 3 major functions: abrasives and detergents help remove food and bacteria adhering to tooth surfaces; added flouride compounds are absorbed by tooth surfaces and help resist bacterial decay of the enamel; and flavorings leave the mouth and breath scented with flavors we associate with freshness.


Answer by  Sticky (363)

Toothpaste acts as a cleaning agent for your toothbrush. It is possible to clean your teeth without past just as it is possible to wash the dishes just using water. It also has an added flavour to make one's breath pleasant and most importantly contains fluoride to help remineralise any areas of decalcification on the tooth enamel


Answer by  Tonybone (80)

The key components of toothpaste are abrasives, surfactant, fluoride, and flavoring. Abrasive removes stains, surfactant increases foaming(cleaning power), fluoride strengthens teeth.

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