Question by  plantgal (23)

How does concealer work?

When you paint light colors over dark, the dark still shows through. So why does concealer work?


Answer by  noosh (673)

Concealer is meant to cover the dark shadow under your eye. The texure is a little heavier than regular moisturizer or foundation so it can cover the darkness.


Answer by  jackie97 (101)

My concealer is lighter than my powder, so when you put your powder on you can not see the concealer that is hiding a blemish.


Answer by  Annief75 (246)

Concealer is concentrated and highly pigmented which is why it works well. For best results, use OVER foundation, not under it.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

Concelear works by covering up the imperfections in your skin. You choose a conceler that is right for your skin tone and the foundation you are using. Cover any blemishes with conceler and follow with a foundation.

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