Question by  bmac62 (18)

How do you wake up Snorlax in Pokemon Heart Gold version?


Answer by  moonbunnychan (34)

You first must have the Kanto radio by going to the radio tower in Lavender town. Also read the papers on the wall at the station. In front of the Snorlax find the pokemon flute station. The pokeflute music has to be playing when you walk up to the Snorlax. In front of him press A.


Answer by  lokindra (481)

You have to pick up the Kanto radio card, from the Kanto radio station in Lavendar town. Take the radio back to the Snorlax. Turn the radio on and adjust the signal until you find the poke flute (drag the circle up somewhere near the top/middle). You have to hear the flute playing to wake up the Snorlax.


Answer by  Tori39 (25)

In Pokemon Heart Gold you wake Snorlax up by going to the radio tower and getting the radio card. Once you have that, you walk up to Snorlax and turn on the radio and set it to Poke flute. Once you have done this, it will wake up.


Answer by  vashna (148)

Receive the radio card from the radio tower, and turn on the radio. Manually tune it so that the top icon (pokeflute) is selected. The power must be restored.


Answer by  Rob45 (99)

You need to find the stolen part of a machine in Cerulean City and bring it back to the power plant. Then find Snorlax in Lavendar City and play the pokeflute. Snorlax then awakens.

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