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Question by  swheat85 (18)

How do you test a starter on a riding lawn mower?


Answer by  NateB (571)

Get yourself a volt meter and place the taps on the positive and negatives of the starter. Turn the key and see if their is any voltage on the meter.


Answer by  carlady (182)

Try starting the motor and making sure to listen to noises that it makes, if it is making a clicking noise then you should worry.


Answer by  EDWIN1985 (24)

Check the breather hose that goes to the air box, does it have oil in it? Any sort of crankcase leak will cause a drop in crankcase pressure and that will cause the oil to be pulled into the air box through the breather hose. A bad breather check valve will do the same.


Answer by  raufieri (41)

You can take a pair of jumper cables to the battery (as long as it is charged) and hook the negative side of your battery to you negative side of your started then do the same with you positive side of the cables.


Answer by  worker305277 (84)

well turn the key to the on position. see if the mwer makes any noises at all to make sure the battery is good. then turn the key to see if the starter turns over. then if it doesnt. try hooking it up to a battery chager then starting it. if it doesnt work you need a new started


Answer by  laurence (90)

The first thing that I would check isn't the starter. Most newer riding lawn mowers have springs under the seat which create current to the starter. These often get rusted.

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