Question by  luvcomputers (66)

How do you play Texas Hold 'Em?

I see it on TV, and I'd like to be able to follow it better.


Answer by  RebeccaBargar (288)

It is almost the same as 5 card poker. You are dealt 2 cards for yourself. The dealer will then start showing the community cards one at a time with betting in between each card. You can use any of the 5 community cards to make the best hand possible.


Answer by  Jonah14 (640)

Each player gets two cards, and three rounds of betting follow; after each player has placed bets in one round, another card is shown until five cards are down.


Answer by  bean11 (2803)

To play Texas Hold 'Em style poker, the objective for the player is to make the best possible hand of five cards. Each hand, you are dealt two cards, and a total of five cards will appear on the board with a round of betting between each revealed card. You need to pick your best 5 out of the 7.

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