Question by  milo (169)

How do you play online with a PS3?

I don't understand how you connect.


Answer by  Nace33 (7)

The PS3 has a wireless connection for the internet. The first thing you need is internet at your place. Your game has to be compatible for the Playstation Network.


Answer by  MikeG (1650)

You need to have high speed online access, either through a direct connection like through a modem to the NIC adapter located on the back of the PS3, or through a B/G compatible wireless router. Click on PSN on the XMB bar and follow the prompts once connected.


Answer by  zombieguy (986)

The Playstation 3 connects to the internet either wirelessly via a wireless access point or by connecting directly to a DSL or cable modem or router via a network cable.


Answer by  Meca (15)

To play online with a PS3 connect it to a high speed internet modem. If you have wireless internet you can set up online at the PS3 home screen.

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