Question by  profeana (12)

How do you make a baseball birthday cake?

Do I need a special pan?


Answer by  Tank (539)

A circular pan would be needed. The next step would be to completely cover the ball with white icing. Red icing stripes will be needed for the seems. A cross stitching will also be needed just like the ball has. If you get a hold of a ball or picture of it you'll understand.


Answer by  Jon65 (787)

No. All you'll need is are basic cake pans. You'll have to stack the cakes one on top of another after they are done cooking and ice them. Then you'll have to cut the cake away in the sixe of a ball and wrap it and decorate in white fondant.


Answer by  mattymo (66)

Get a round cake pan, fill it with batter and bake it. When it's ready to have icing put on, use white icing for the ball, red icing for seams.

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