Question by  anshu (10)

How do you like your Arachnid dartboard?

My son wants one for his birthday.


Answer by  GeoffKeoghyahoocom (466)

I enjoy my dartboard with a passion. It never gets old. It may depend on how old your son is, whether or not you should buy it for him. It keeps me busy and helps with my hand eye coordination. Also, it helps to pass the time when I have something to think over.


Answer by  Miriam94 (27)

A little bit challenging game but it is a really interesting one, go ahead and get it for him !


Answer by  hugoballin (72)

I enjoy mine alot. Me and alot of friends of mine play for hours on end. It has alot of cool features as well as it just looking awesome. The amount of games you can play on it will keep you and your family occupied for a very long time.


Answer by  lambadda (12)

When i saw the Arahnid dartboard for the first time i knew my son will fall in love with it.

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