Question by  sindhu (12)

How do you know if flash and activex are running on windows?

I need to know how to tell if flash and active x is running on windows.


Answer by  BigD103 (548)

Open Control Panel and go to Add/Remove Programs. Make sure "Windows Compants " is check. Look in the list for Adobe Flash player. Active X contols can be disabled through your web browser options.


Answer by  BBGaming (66)

They will be listed under services. Go start -> run and type "mmc", then add the services snap in, and see if they are there under "running" or "started"


Answer by  MarvinFVicarme (132)

Open Control Panel and go to "Add/Remove Programs". Look in the list for Adobe Flash player if it is there. or you can see also Active X controls on your browser's option, you can disable or enable it there.


Answer by  amiller (12)

flash.exe in task manager... Active Xis tricky, ternet.options(Start Menu->ControlPanel->InternetOptions). From there, continue to the security tab and click on"Custom level..."There will be all the enabled modules for your browser.

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