Question by  ushudno (155)

How do you keep score in horse shoes?


Answer by  roxiee (98)

A ringer is 5 points, a leaner is 3 points, a shoe touching the post is one point, a double ringer is 10 points.


Answer by  BrianK57 (23)

A horseshoe that is within the reach of a horseshoe width is worth one point. A ringer is worth 3 points. It must be past the diameter of the post.


Answer by  willard (874)

You get three points for a "ringer", where the horseshoe encloses the pole, and one point for the shoe closest to the pole. Winner reaches either 21 or 50 points.


Answer by  GreenTema (223)

In the game of horse shoe, hitting the bar counts as two-points and landing the show touching the bar is one.

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