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Question by  shaneysteiner (16)

How do you get rid of bad breath?

I brush my teeth all the time--and floss.


Answer by  drazon75 (35)

Apple cider vinager is one of the best bad breath busters. The vinegar neutralizes the germs that cause bad breath. thank you.


Answer by  aggiesan (314)

bad breath can be caused by conditions in your stomach like acidity even if you do brush your teeth all the time the gas in your stomach can cause it to be bad. Limit your food intake to fresh fruits and not too much on acidic food. Cigarette smoking can also add to having bad breath.


Answer by  jbuc (20)

Usually mouthwash is the thing to use. Go to a store that sells hygiene products and look for mouthwash, and use it whenever you feel that you have bad breath. Also, there are brushes for your tongue where majority of your bad breath can come from. Try any of those and you should be ok.


Answer by  joebob31 (622)

Try using listerine. Sometime brushing your teeth after meals will help. Also be careful of certain foods like chocolate or garlic. Drink water and chew gum too.


Answer by  fancbiz (952)

make sure you gurgle with a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide and always brush your teeth after meals and take a lot of fluids.


Answer by  MIMI54 (76)

I know that you can buy breath bottle spay at meijer or cvs stores. Spay it when you feel like your breath smells bad. Or you can buy Hall candies to put it in your mouth to make it smell better. Try to go to dentist more offen to have teeth cleaning


Answer by  barkley (951)

Check the foods you are eating, sometimes that can contribute to bad breath. You may also want to check with your dentist, you may have some decay causing a smell. Also try mouthwash, gargle for at least two minutes after every time you brush. Use breath mints and gum to downplay the smell.

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