Question by  jmo81rn (36)

How do you get Jirachi?


Answer by  RM49 (274)

The legendary Pokemon Jirachi was unobtainable until the release of Pokemon Coliseum. A bonus disc for the GameCube was included that allowed you to download Jirachi to your Gameboy Advance.


Answer by  Jakecutter (1819)

Only available in Pokeom Coliseum and then on top of that he is only a special event within the game or you can cheat with Game Shark and other cloning.


Answer by  blablabla (15)

You can only obtain Jirachi in a special event. Jirachi can only be placed in a 3rd generation game. To get it on a 4th gen game, transfer it through Pal Park.


Answer by  Rob45 (99)

Either go to a special event or buy the Pokemon Coliseum game for Nintendo Gamecube. It comes with a special disk where you get Jirachi.


Answer by  steven0919 (9)

According to online sources, the only way to capture a Jarichi is to either use a gameshark or another method of cheating or you can go to a Pokemon Event.

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