Question by  atman (308)

How do you get involved in World Championship Poker?

How do you get into the tournaments?


Answer by  brandon94 (102)

There are several ways to enter World Championship poker tournaments. The easiest (and most expensive) way to enter is to buy in directly. Tournament entry fees range from a thousand to fifty thousand dollars. A more economical way to enter is by playing smaller "sattelite" tournaments.


Answer by  shady313 (12)

Nowadays the main way to get involved in poker is to enter online tournaments and do well, there have been several people that have been invited through this.


Answer by  mediajunkie (592)

You have to pay a $10,000 entrance fee, sometimes it could be more. Many champion poker players have corporate sponsors that pay the fee for them. You build up a reputation first by winning local and regional poker tournaments, which require pretty heavy entrance fees as well.

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