Question by  peacherina (27)

How do you get into a Pokemon sealed chamber?


Answer by  vashna (148)

The Sealed Chamber can be found by diving on Route 134. To find it, look for the ocean currents between Slateport and Pacifidlog Town. You will need to be careful that the ocean currents do not cause you to go past it. To be successful, bring a team of pokemon that know surf, dive and dig.


Answer by  Pokemonmaster (8)

First, surf through route 134 until you see a water with dark color. Dive and swim to the cave. You need to have 6 Pokemon. First room, use dig against the wall then in the second room the doors will open and the instructions will be one the walls.


Answer by  ZainFerzan (25)

First you have to choose a pokemon which will fight the other pokemon. When the other pokemon get weak during the battle or falls down you have to throw the pokeball at him and he will get in it automatically. Or if the pokemon is already weak then even throwing the pokeball at him will capture it.


Answer by  Joe80 (866)

If you are asking about the sealed chamber that only can be opened by translating symbols with dots, than I can help you. Those dots are symbols for braille. Look up a braille chart then translate, easy!


Answer by  shihitomi666 (48)

You can't get into a Pokeball! The Pokeballs are designed for the Pokemon's unique DNA that makes their bodies into red light force. Only Pokemon get in.

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