Question by  HippieAshley (58)

How do you find a secret Pokemon?


Answer by  axialservo (25)

That depends on the Pokemon you're searching for. Legendary Pokemon can be found either in special places or buildings in the game, or they can be found and caught searching for them in the wild after getting to a certain point in the game.


Answer by  vashna (148)

Most secret Pokemon are hoaxes. There are glitch Pokemon that be ascertained, but encountering them is unpredictable. The most famous may be Missingno. from the original games which can be encountered via using the Old Man glitch. Generation I glitches can also be used to acquire Mew. Without the use of My Pokemon Ranch, one usually can't get Mew otherwise.


Answer by  edog (128)

You should try a web search on Google, or some other search engine. But generally, secret Pokemon can be found hidden in caves or the far reaches of the grass.


Answer by  David1835 (13)

Pokemons are allover the forests. You must keep trying,they can be dangerous or lovely. If you love them they will find you.


Answer by  mully (21)

Wait until the Moon is full, go out into a field alone and chant the word 'Lunar'. Then dig a hole in the spot where you stood to find it.

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