Question by  sfmike2000 (56)

How do you earn Neopoints?


Answer by  PokemonMom (57)

You earn Neopoints by playing games on the Neopets site. You can also sometimes find Neopoints at the Money Tree. Auctioning off items will also earn you Neopoints.


Answer by  NinjaPenguin (13)

There are many ways to earn Neopoints, from playing games, randomly surfing the site and finding them, selling items in your store and being an active participant on the Neopets site. The games are flash-based games that are clones of other popular computer games such as BeJeweled and Solitare but done with a Neopets twist.


Answer by  DawnDove (76)

You can play games at the gaming section, or you can play the popular Key Quest to earn money. Do daily stuff to get free stuff, then sell it in your shop. Put your money in the bank and collect interest every day to maximize your points.


Answer by  starr (93)

The fastest way I found to earn Neopoints is by playing games. Look for ones that offer points, be careful because not all of them do, and you can only play the ones that do so many times. One you find the right games to play you'll earn them very fast.


Answer by  thewerewolfmage (520)

The easiest way of earning Neopoints is buy playing games in the games room or by selling in your shop. You can also earn them from freebies such as Tombola.

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