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Question by  PBB (7)

How do you copy Playstation 2 games?


Answer by  Snichole (195)

I know that to copy/burn Playstation games, it takes a special kind of hardware and software for your computer to do it. It also takes a special kind of hardware for your Game Consol to read and play burned/ copied games. If I was you I would google to see what all you will need. It will take some money.


Answer by  rockdisc (209)

You can easily burn Playstation 2 from files you download online. You can buy a program called Alcohol 120% to burn ps2 from your own PlayStation disks.


Answer by  Tim57 (5)

Burn them on specially formatted DvDs from a website like rapidshare. You must have a modd chip inside your ps2 that is formatted with the types of DvDs you are burning.


Answer by  samwill78 (23)

steps of copying playstation 2 games 1step- please download 'BlindWrite' software. 2step- select profile to'automatic' 3step- select source & set output path 4step- then click 'copy' button


Answer by  Hitos (4)

Well I usually search for isos on pirate bay or other ps2 sites them i download the game i want,after that i use nero to burn the game in the dvd rom.

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