Question by  knowitall (29)

How do you clone Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire?


Answer by  Dru72 (13)

Place the Pokemon you want to clone into a box. Then move the Pokemon to a different box. Save your progress a dialogue box appears saying "Saving. Do not turn off power." Turn your gameboy off now. Turn it back on and there should be two of the same pokemon.


Answer by  Greg33 (6)

First you trade it onto Pokemon Emerald.Go to the Battle Frontier.Go to the battle tower.Put the Pokemon that you want to clone in the PC at the of the room.Save the game.Go to the nearest Desk and speak to the lady.When it says saving turn the Gameboy/Ds off,go back to the Pc and their is 2 of the same Pokemon.


Answer by  vashna (148)

Storage system clones don't work in Sapphire. You may trade into Emerald, where the Battle Frontier and Tower PC glitch can be taken advantage of, though this can erase it.


Answer by  lawlwin (34)

Trade It Onto Pokemon Emerald, Go To Battle Tower,Put The Pokemon Into PC,Save Game, Go to Desk And Speak to lady,whensaying 'saving'- turn off and go to Pc. Theres Two.


Answer by  Jakecutter (1819)

First you need to place whatever Pokemon you want cloned in a box and then move the selected Pokemon to a different box. Now save this and then turn off the Game Boy and replace the Sapphire game with the Emerald Game. This way you can clone it through the glitch, save it and then use Sapphire again.


Answer by  Xayne (177)

Supposedly you're supposed to trade the Pokemon you want to clone to another Pokemon game and when the game is in the middle of trading, you turn the game off.

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