Question by  Walt65 (16)

How do you clone a house plant?


Answer by  mako (289)

You can try to root a cutting from the plant. Place the bottom half of the cutting in clean water or moist perlite. Wait for the plant to develop roots.


Answer by  Treece (24)

To clone a houseplant, snip off approximately 2-4 inches of a stem. It should be cut at an angle to allow maximum root growth. It's optional, but you could dip the cut end into root growth stimulator. Then, plant this stem into a pot of soil. Water as usual and the new plant will be a clone of the old.


Answer by  galkao (6)

Not all house plants can be cloned, but most of them. Some plants can be cloned by taking stem or even leaf cuttings, some plants can be divided. Most cutting requires bottom heat or rooting hormones to be rooted.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Take a cutting put is in water until it grows roots and then plant in a small container. As it grows change pots. Fertilize


Answer by  rubikscubefreak (17)

One way is to gather a cutting of the plant, and replant it. Another is to cut off a part of the plant, and graft it onto another plant.


Answer by  worker81 (194)

The short answer is to cut down part of a plant before the root, dip it in a rooting hormone and grow a new plant from the stem.


Answer by  typist (63)

Depending on the type of plant, a branch (or other appropriate segment) is selected, removed, and placed in a rooting medium (water, sand, soil, perlite). Rooting hormones can be helpful.

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