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Question by  balamurugan19 (13)

How do you clean the carburetor of an Echo SRM-2100?


Answer by  mrtn (119)

First you take the cover off the carburetor and remove the filter from the carburetor. Then you take compressed air and blow the filter out and removing all the debris. If the filter is damaged you need to replace the filter so you do not damage your engine of the Echo SRM-2100.

Reply by OutdoorJanitor (0):
A guy I work with swears that he cleaned several echo carbs (hedge trimmers) by simply flushing whole thing with white camp fuel w/o disassembly...the lazy part of me wishes it to be true, but maybe I know better...Runs on choke only, BARELY for awhile, quits...  add a comment

Answer by  Jedah (12)

Cleaning it in a cleaning solvent would be the first thing you should do. After you have cleaned the carburetor with the cleaning solvent, as well as finished disassembling it, you must then make sure that all ports and jets are cleared by flushing out these parts with compressed air.


Answer by  babyhueyk (96)

I break the carb. down and remove all of the gaskets and rubber o'rings I then soak it in lacquer paint thinner for 30 min. I then take a very small wire and clean all holes and blow it out with high pressure air. Put it back together

Reply by OutdoorJanitor (0):
AAARGH- Disassembly tiny parts and difficulty...Yours must be the best answer, though guy in biz I was subcontracting for says he's taken whole carb off echo engines, plunked em whole into coleman camp fuel for 5 min and voila...Sounds like DMSO or fish oil or Obama: too good 2b true  add a comment

Answer by  japratt (1687)

If you are wanting to clean this carburetor then you will need to take of the cover first. Once the cover is off you can clean it with soap and water.


Answer by  mahavin (589)

Carburetor of an Echo SRM-2100 has to be cleaned up regularly for better functioning. At least the cleaning process of the air filter has to be carried out once in a year. this would properly mix the fuel.

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