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Question by  Matt12 (17)

How do you choose ducted fan jets?

My son wants one.


Answer by  ahwliz (5)

I choose ducted fan jets by inquiring to professionals, in person or on the internet. Then I can take that information and run searches for comparison reviews on line. This helps me narrow down selection probability which I then use to find vendors of the recommended brands. I prefer to shop locally, but will also order on line.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

I chose mine by the channel frequency and the manufacturer. The channels you want a broader scope so that if you fly these around others you're not taking control or having interference from another hand set.


Answer by  ray16 (65)

You haven't stated the age of your son but if he is less than 12 years old there may be safety issues. For that reason choose a model advertised as safe for the age of your son. That means one he can not cut his fingers or injure his body with. For an older son more options are for you.


Answer by  nrxx (4)

Somewhere between the quality of the build and the shear wow factor lies the perfect EDF for me. But in the end its money that decides.

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