Question by  mvgd (49)

How do you catch red gyarados?

I have been trying forever.


Answer by  Scarecrow (108)

Red Gyarados is tough if you are under level 30. Paralyze, freeze, or put it to sleep to make it easier to catch and safer for your team. Avoid confusing, poisoning or sandstorming/hailing as they can defeat Gyarados inadvertently. When its HP is low use Heavy, Lure, or Great/Ultra Balls for the greatest chance of catching it.


Answer by  Wheeljack (127)

Well in Pokemon Heart0Gold and SoulSilver, You will have the opportunity to catch a red gyarados at the lake of rage. Other ways are to trade and just breed shiny magikarp if uw anna go down that road.


Answer by  xela (349)

Make sure its health is in the red and it is either sleeping or paralyzed. It might also be helpful to try a special pokeball such as a Lure Ball.


Answer by  UberArceus200 (97)

In the Gold, Silver, Crystal, Heart Gold, and Soul Silver games it can be obtained by going to the Lake of Rage where you can catch it.


Answer by  ZNO (49)

Go north from Mahogany Town to the Lake of Rage. Talk to swimming gyarados, which starts a battle. Use Grass and Electric moves to weaken, then Water moves to finish.

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