Question by  ikc (15)

How do you catch Celebi?


Answer by  Lepi (314)

Celebi is only available by using master codes or playing the japanese version of the game. If you have a game shark, you can enter the codes "0000B138000A" and "1003A82A0007" in to the master code area, followed by 83007D2200FB which will make Celebi a wild pokemon.


Answer by  kdp722 (59)

It is impossible to catch Celebi in regular gameplay in U.S. versions of Pokemon. You can only get it from special Nintendo-sponsored events and giveaways. You could try to use a glitch to catch it in your U.S. version of Pokemon, but the glitch might corrupt your saved data, so please be careful!


Answer by  Joe80 (866)

If you are playing the game boy advance version then you're out of luck. Celebi can't be caught. You'll have to go to Pokemon Center in Japan to download it.


Answer by  thejoe66 (9)

well in the newest pokemon game sole silver and heart gold you can not catch a celebi but there is going a be a event in game stop soon


Answer by  kevitrix (30)

You can catch Celebi by using action replay. He cannot be found legitly in game unless it is by event.

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