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Question by  pburns (16)

How do you catch a Pokemon?


Answer by  Hongyuan (25)

First you have to have a pokemon for you to use for battle. Second you have to buy poke ball from the town pokemart. Third you have to walk in the grass to meet a wild pokemon. Before catching, you have to weaken the pokemon. Lastly throw the pokeball to catch the wild pokemon


Answer by  Xellosmt (7)

A pokemon is captured in the DS games by the use of a pokeball during battle. The capture rate is dependant on the species of the particular pokemon, rare pokemon being harder to catch then more common variety. Success can also be influenced by weaking the pokemon with damage or inflicting statuses upon it, or by using better variety pokeballs.


Answer by  brettsmart (63)

You catch a Pokemon with all the different kinds of pokeballs. They are some capturing device they use to store and keep pokemon. You cant really catch one with out one. That is how u catch a pokemon but the stronger one that you are want to catch the better the pokeball needs to be.


Answer by  ayay (5)

well always start with the lower level pokemon first if you are a beginner or those pokemon with less agrressiveness so you can avoid fighting with it and catch it easily, caterpee is an example. by using the pokeball it will determine if you have succesfully catch a pokemon or not.


Answer by  problemsolver (43)

While I don't know which pokemon game you are referring to, the general rule of thumb is to weaken the pokemon (not kill it) and throw a pokeball at it.

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