guinea pigs


Question by  rlgoard (84)

How do you care for pregnant guinea pigs?


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

Do not pick her up often. If you need to transport her, do so by having her walk into a box or cozy first. Give extra vitamin C daily, and alfalfa hay/pellets in addition to timothy/grass hay and timothy-based feed. If this is the first pregnancy and the sow is over 8 months old, go to an exotics vet ASAP.


Answer by  Mumma (483)

Do not pick up frequently - only for weighing, cage cleaning, or vet visits. When you do, usher them into a box rather than putting pressure on the tummy. Feed extra vitamin C and mix in some alfalfa hay with the timothy hay and fortified timothy pellet feed. Try to avoid pregnancy, though - always a 20% chance of fatality.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

Make sure they have plenty of food available to them. You can talk to your vet about specific dietary requirement and if the pig needs more vitamins.

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