Question by  peppepe (13)

How do women do in trivia contests, compared to men?


Answer by  mangosteen (272)

I think its clear that women and men fair equally at trivia contests. The person with the highest IQ, after all, is a woman. If the subject matter of the trivia contest was in areas that are not traditionally pursued by women (engineering, computer science), there could be a difference.


Answer by  Robinsbooks (164)

Women are just as capable of collecting useless knowledge as men. They are just as likely as men to have a passion for certain subjects. They are just as likely as men to have the competitive streak that is essential in things like trivia contests. And they are just as likely to win.


Answer by  Mar (428)

I would have to believe that men and women do equally well in trivia contests. Certain topics may have better results with one sex or the other but this would only be true if the particular participant had an affinity for the subject. Men are just as prone to nervousness in such contests as women and both are equally intelligent.


Answer by  RobertJamey (124)

Well, not to be sexist, I would say worse. Which is because women mostly get more nervous than men do in trivia games, nothing about which gender is smarter. Men are known to think more clearly in crisis situations. This is why most of the countries have male presidents. Hope this helps

Reply by Tolbukhin (78):
If anything, I think you have it exactly reversed... I see men lose their temper more frequently than women... about the male presidents - you have got to be kidding.  add a comment
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