Question by  thorne (29)

How do I play the Oregon Trail game for free?


Answer by  Zed007 (32)

There is a place to play the original Apple 2 version of Oregon Trail online. You can find it at the Virtual Apple 2 website. However, the website only works with Microsoft's Internet Explorer and you will need to install the ActiveGS plugin to properly play the game. The plugin allows you to play any other Apple 2 game too.


Answer by  gamerchick (35)

There is a free version on all iPhone and iPod devices, but it will only allow you to play a demo version. The only way to play Oregon Trail for free is to play with someone who has downloaded it to their device already.


Answer by  ijlalnoor (2656)

Well you can play it on a number of websites, search for it and i'm sure you will be able to find it, i cant add the URL here!

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