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Question by  isabella (46)

How do i make the knife on sims castaway ds?


Answer by  DLDeWandel (63)

The chef will give you the knife after you help him find the dish with the sardine and lime so you can make a skirt.


Answer by  Kattie (598)

Present Chef Butcher with the fruit from a Lime Tree and be rewarded with a knife. You can obtain the seeds to grow a Lime Tree from Ms. Weeder by trading her one Pink Murex. Lime Trees take about five days to reach a fruit bearing age.


Answer by  jj46 (14)

On Sims Castaway for the Nintendo DS, you will need to deliver the sardines with lime dish to the chef to get the knife. You can grow limes by doing all of Ms Weeders' missions.


Answer by  worker1041 (58)

You need to complete favors for Chef Butcher. After completing these favors he will give you a knife and a chisel. The chef will ask for a lime and sardine and after you give him these he will give you the knife and chisel.


Answer by  Anonymous

how do i get the lime from ms. weeder?


Answer by  Anonymous

where do i get the pink murex?


Answer by  Anonymous

complet mrs. farmer missions

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