Question by  Adrienne (23)

How do I get to to the Open Dialog box in MS Word?


Answer by  edq (13)

It depends on what version of Word do you have. In newer versions, it is a bit confusing. In versions 1997-2003 you go to FILE and then OPEN. In new 2007 and 2010 you go to circle logo at left upper corner, pres it and then OPEN.


Answer by  RajeshswamyPothula (14)

Open new MS Word document, then go to office button and open it.Go to open dialog box and click it using left mouse button and also by using Ctrl+O u can open a Open Dialog box.Now u can browse the required document and open it.


Answer by  Jakecutter (1819)

You need to click on your MS Word Document icon while you are using word. This will open the MS Word dialog box.


Answer by  jasmeenat (5)

Just go for the main menu and click on the required dialog box. like for opening print dialog box go to file>print and one can get a print dialog box

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