Question by  me43 (13)

How do I get married abroad?

My fiance and I have our hearts set on getting married abroad.


Answer by  onearmedscissor (40)

A lot of all-inclusive resorts have wedding packages you can buy and they do all the work for you. if you dont want to worry about any legal hassels, get married at home afterward, just at city hall, so that all the paper work is legal.


Answer by  mary50 (55)

Yes, then go ahead. This is about the two of you. Contact the state department to make sure the marriage will be recognized in the US. And contact the embassy of the country to find out what the procedures in that country are. Do not rely on simply a resort flyer.


Answer by  324hjt (610)

Make sure you do research about the laws surrounding weddings in any country you're looking at getting married in. Some require minimum stays, a blood test, or medical tests.


Answer by  Novemberfire (322)

Select your destination then let a travel agent help you build your wedding vacation. They plan events like this all the time and are very knowledgable.


Answer by  SGividen (652)

Getting married abroad takes considerable financial backing and lots of preparation. Research online for resorts and wedding packages that are available or check with a travel agent for more information.


Answer by  Mrcy (66)

I would certainly look at price, distance as well as safety before I got married abroad then if it is still the right choice for you I would say go for it.

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