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Question by  Brandon84 (37)

How do I get bigger arms?

My arms look like sticks.


Answer by  SomeGuy (14)

You'll need to train your arms directly and eat enough to gain bodyweight. Chinups (jumping/assisted if necessary), Barbell/Dumbell Curls, Preacher/Concentration Curls, Narrow Grip Bench Press, Dips, Skullcrushers. 2-3x a week.


Answer by  Doomstoned (1454)

First off, increasing mass to your arms should consist of workout routines that make use of a combination of free weights like dumbells and barbells. The rep range for mass is 6 to 10 reps per set. Also, remember not to neglect triceps when building arm mass since they actually consist of a larger muscle group than do the biceps.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

The best way is to obviously focus on bicep and tricep exercises. For biceps, preacher curl,standing curl and dumbell curls (standing or sitting) are the two best exercises, and for triceps, I would recommend tricep pulldowns, skullcrushers and even pushups, as these should strengthen your triceps, and combined, your arms should get noticeably bigger.

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