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Question by  Joe30 (20)

How do I change the carburetor on a weed wacker?

My carburetor is going bad on my weed wacker.


Answer by  thirddaynate (36)

For starters the Carburetor will almost always be very close to the fuel in a small motor like that. I would take the weed eater apart slowly and documenting every part on paper to assure the proper assembly afterward. I would also recommend contacting the manufacturing company or an owners manual.


Answer by  Sky75 (216)

First thing is to take cover off. Drain gas and remove fuel lines. Then unbolt carb and replace. Reassemble and test.


Answer by  RK324402497 (38)

Carburetor repair or replacement can be complicated, even on small engines. You should first visit your Weed Wacker dealer or a certified independant repair shop to be sure carburetor needs replacement. A cleaning or adjustment may be all that's required. In any case a qualified dealer is your best bet

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