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Question by  bvo (16)

How do I change the blades on my riding mower?


Answer by  mickic76 (73)

You would first need to get the mower off the ground. Next loosen the retaining bolts, and then remove the blade. Clean up the grass and debris on the blade adapter. Attach the new blades, fasten with original bolts, and you are done.


Answer by  BobB (8)

Elevate the mower safely so that you can work underneath without risk of injury. Next is to make sure ignition is in the off position so the mower can not start, best practice would be to disconnect the negative battery terminal. Now keep the blades from spinning, a 2x4 works well, and loosen the nuts remove the blades and replace.


Answer by  mike49 (373)

First of all, remove the deck from your mower. Remove nut and washer from the center of blades and remove old blades. Now put on the new blades and tighten.


Answer by  swamisarge (283)

Find blocks/crates to support both ends of the mower about 30 degrees upsideways and put the mower on them. Wrap a blade end with a rag and remove its' retaining nut. Repeat for each blade. Reverse procedure for installing new blades.


Answer by  heather88 (1897)

You need to get a book on the mwer and it will tell you how to change the mower blade.

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