Question by  Tom66 (11)

How did Midnight Velvet get started in Wisconsin?

Who started it?


Answer by  linsm (898)

Midnight Velvet got it's beginnings in Monroe, Wisconsin in the year 1982. The products sold by the company may be a bit confusing. Midnight Velvet is one of the companies that sell non-food items. The parent company was Colony Brands, and Swiss Colony, which was founded in 1926 by Ray Cubly. The original corporation owns Midnight Velvet.


Answer by  Dean (4035)

Ray Kubly founded Colony Brands in 1926 after finishing a senior year college project about selling Wisconsin cheeses by mail order. He started Swiss Colony. The company started non-food merchandising in 1982. Midnight Velvet and Midnight Velvet style are two of the non-food lines owned and operated by the corporation.


Answer by  karan0007 (53)

It was founded in 1987 by Maureen Burke , Diane Gilman , Barbara Palacios , Cenia Paredes and Benjamin Noriega Ortiz .


Answer by  MsTiffany (117)

I love this store with a true passion. Midnight Velvet sells the most unique and odd furnitures for your home and lifestyle. The company is owned and operated in Wisconsin and the owner is from Wisconsin. I guess she never wanted to leave her home town and started her company there.

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