Question by  udaipur (219)

How did early humans know that they were waterproof?

I wonder who was the first brave sole to jump into the water and know that there wouldn't be any long term ill effects.


Answer by  Julie (172)

Six thousand years ago, people learned things by trial and error. Once they saw someone go into the water and then come out again, dripping wet, they realized that humans are basically waterproof. Granted, I will bet that it took a long time for them to learn how to swim.


Answer by  SriLanka (264)

I don't think that early humans were as contemplative as modern people are. So, i don't even think that they thought about it much. Dangers were ubiquitous and they spent their energy dealing with those. Worrying about the longterm affects of getting wet probably wasnt on the radar.


Answer by  AnnArk (141)

It is obvious when a woman gives birth that the child was in an aqueous environment previous to birth due to the amount of liquid that is expelled during labor. In addition, since water is obviously not dangerous when ingested, it would stand to reason that topical applications of the substance would cause no harm either.


Answer by  Anonymous

Mammals all crave water or we die. I'm sure it happened as soon as the first "human" came into existence since their ancestors were already accustomed to water.


Answer by  ellerbellerz (141)

I love this question!!! I guess it's impossible to know. People didn't live indoors back "then" so I bet they came across water before they were old enough to be afraid of it.

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