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How dangerous is snow skiing?

do most skiers mess up their knees, or are those just the extreme cases?


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I have been a skier my entire life, and never blown my knees. As a racer, I know people who have, but I never have personally. Skiing injuries are not as common as the media makes them seem.


Answer by  Smrll12783 (22)

Snow skiing is not as dangerous as it is made out to be. The reason it gets a bad wrap is because when people do get hurt the injuries are more severe than other sports. When you stay in control and use common sense injuries can be avoided. Being a snow skier for many years I rarely saw any injuries.


Answer by  buzz (9)

Skiing is a fun sport which is dangerous. It would be safe if the instructions are followed and no risks are taken. In the worst case one can die or get very badly injured and undergo a lot of treatments and rehabilitation care. So it is best to follow the instructions and enjoy it as a guided fun-filled sport.


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In addition to Sonny Bono, a British Actress named Natasha Richardson died while skiing. She lived for a couple days after the accident, but then succumbed to her injuries.


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When you consider that Sonny Bono got killed by a tree while killing, skiing can be very dangerous. Also, given that the boots are so stiff and the skis are so long and the point is to go fast, you can wrench your knee easily. Skiing is fun but you have to be careful so you can avoid injury.

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not much can help a skier running into a tree at high speeds, but skis have bindings that release under strain. Yes, people screw up their knees, but it is often because they have set their bindings too tightly.  add a comment
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Also, tight boots actually prevent injuries- they prevent your ankle from twisting funny and breaking. And, the point of skiing isn\'t to go fast- it\'s to have fun, no matter what speed you ski at.  add a comment

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all u have to do is listen !!! its only a bit dangerous !! gosh stop overeacting!!!!! :@

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I have been skiing since i was 2 i am know 20 ive never been injured (: xxxxx  add a comment
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lucky :P  add a comment

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very dangerous enought to fall down

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