Question by  RachelDeitz (18)

How can I remove sour smells from wet laundry?


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

When laundry sours, there is only one solution. It needs to be rewashed. Wet laundry is a great place for the stuff that causes smell to prosper. Especially during warm weather, get the wet laundry into the dryer ASAP.


Answer by  TK (51)

Hot water can be tried first. If that doesn't work, vinegar can be used, baking soda, or a small amount of bleach diluted in water.


Answer by  peterwang (41)

Any type of fabric refresher such as dryer sheets with mask the smell, however it always best to rewash clothes have been sitting wet for a day or two. The smell actually is from the clothes mildewing and by rewashing the mildew is removed.


Answer by  mansi (521)

Wipe out smelly dishcloths. These dishcloths sometimes may need to only be rinsed out, sometimes they need to go through a laundry cycle, and other times you just need to throw them away and pull out a new one. Dishcloths are used often and you need to maintain them, keeping up with their condition.

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