Question by  Shroomshine (29)

How can I improve my Burn Deck?


Answer by  Marceline (18)

One of the quickest ways to improve a Burn Deck is to add in cards like Volcanic Hammer, Sonic Burst, or Flame Jet. All of these do a great deal of damage at minimal mana cost. Also include browbeat so you can draw more cards.


Answer by  Tealparadise (245)

It is important to have very few cards, with many multiples. However, there are certain decks which are simply "the best" and generally win at tournaments - do not expect a win without one of these decks. If that doesn't sound fun, improve your deck by choosing one "winning combo" and basing the whole deck around getting that unbeatable combo.


Answer by  bowenofkildare (11)

YuGiOh card game burn deck is a constructed to be able hurt opponents with waves of cards that inflict Direct Damage or Effect Damage.I recommend Twin Swords of Flashing Light.This has the ability to attack twice.Another card is Jinzo #7. This monsters effect allows him to hit life points directly.


Answer by  talhadetho (106)

Have some stall power.Marshmallon,Gravity bind and swords of revealing light are obvious rds like meteor of destruction,just deserts and tremendous fire will also be very helpful.

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