Question by  nykclifton (37)

How can I fix scratched game disks at home?


Answer by  AvrilBey (474)

The best solutions of scratched game disks are a buffing device, however, things said to sometimes work are the use of toothpaste over the scratches, or clear nail polish. Easiest is cleaning the laser of the console, for as long as the top is undamaged, the game should be fine.


Answer by  NarenMukherjee (308)

You could try using hairspray/toothpaste to rub in to the back of the disk, wherever the scratches are. This sets in to the scratches and makes it easier for the lens to read them.


Answer by  mooman2679 (1018)

You can try by using toothpaste and a wash cloth. the toothpaste needs to be the grittier kind, not the gel. You put some toothpaste on the wash cloth and rub the disk in strokes from the center to the outside. DO NOT rub the disk in a circular motion.


Answer by  mpelle (343)

take some toothpaste, rub it over the scratched area of the disk and it will be able to fill in the cracks and resurface the disk so that it can be read.


Answer by  LittleJohn (242)

Put a thin layer of toothpaste over the disk, let it dry. Then with a wet towel carefully wipe the toothpaste off. Then clean it once again with windex. The microscopic grains in the toothpaste actually buff the disk and will take a layer off.

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