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Question by  satheesh (3)

How can I fix problems with a seat kill switch on riding mowers from Briggs and Stratton?


Answer by  PuterGuru (256)

Remove the switch and twist the two wires together and use a wire lock on it. This hard wires the kill switch so it's always on.


Answer by  Sky75 (216)

Raise seat up and remove seat switch. Take to store and but a replacement. Plug new switch in and test.


Answer by  Mturksearcher (21)

You have several options. First you can bypass the switch entirely (not recommended for safety purposes) by removing the two wires from the switch under the seat and connecting them. Second you can order a replacement switch from most sears. you would only need the model of the mower. Third you can take the mower to a local repair shop.

Reply by wl7cpa (1):
I found three wires under the seat so you have 6 options to match the right two wires. Keep switching until it works. I soldered and heat shrunk the twist to make sure it would not come apart or short out. It worked good but safety factor is gone.  add a comment
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