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Question by  batsonj (35)

How can I clean my spark plug on my craftsman lawn mower?


Answer by  MOWERMAN2000 (34)

Remove spark plug. Wipe off excess oil with a paper towel. Use a simple emery board type nail file and file between the resister and the prong. You can then wipe the plug again and reinstall. Also check to make sure the air filter on your craftsman mower is clean.


Answer by  pm (18)

All you need to do to clean your spark plug is: take it out, spray brake cleaner on it, then scrub with a brush.


Answer by  jeff24 (55)

First go the local parts store and pick up some brake parts cleaner. Spray the plug down with that and gently scrub the tip of the spark plug with a wire brush to clear away all dirt or grease that may be built up. Spray it again and dry it.


Answer by  tutti (46)

To clean a spark plug make sure you are wearing work gloves. Then get a wire brush and clean off as much of the carbon disposites as you.


Answer by  friend83 (52)

Once you have removed the spark plug, check and make sure it has correct spark gap, make sure the electrod is not melted or mishaped and use a wire brush to clean throughly, take air compression and blow off all carbon removed when brushing before putting back in mower


Answer by  eholts56 (33)

You have to take it out and inspect the electrode. If it is not to eroded you can take sand paper and run it through the air gap. After that you have to re-gap the spark plug with a feeler gauge.

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