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Question by  bazillion (87)

How can I choose between plasma, lcd or dlp screens for my new tv?


Answer by  phoenix85 (366)

Depends on the quality of image that you want, and how long you'll be using the television. Plasma screens have blacker blacks, more viewing angles and last less time than LCD or DLP. LCDs are brighter and tend to have a decreased viewing angle than the others, but last longer.


Answer by  mcr666 (362)

This depends on your budget and the type of picture quality you are looking for. Visit an electronics store and talk to a sales person. You will be able to see the different types of televisions and he can help you choose which one is best.


Answer by  joebob31 (622)

Plasma televisions will be brighter and will be more expensive. DLP screens are still pretty new. You are best to get a LCD tv because they are more durable, last longer, cheaper, and are not much different in picture quality from plasmas.


Answer by  doigerooney (66)

Basically you want to weigh your options. Plasma has great picture, but if the screen is tilted or laid flat, you will destroy the picture forever. LCD is your best choice, yet the most expensive. DLP displays the best blacks, and will never burn out. It means you wont have dead pixels on your screen.


Answer by  rnovikoffgmailcom (1722)

I would say your best bet is to go into a store where u can check out all of the latest technologies. u will be able to see in person the better looking screens and compare prices while your there and also compare with other stores. This idea beats looking online at stuff.


Answer by  monteclair (12)

This depends on what you want out of the TV. DLP tvs are the least expensive, not as dynamic as the others. Plasma tvs are better in a dark space, but other than that the difference between the two is limited for the average veiwer.


Answer by  noey1958 (1405)

First thing to consider is how much money do I want to spend? Lcd is best for a computer screen. Large screen Plasmas are least expensive with a little research. Dlp is a projection tv and doesn't have the slimness of the plasma or Lcd. Yet Dlp can be more price effective. Plasma seems the best for the money.


Answer by  DrD75 (128)

I don't suggest buying a DLP because they are a dying technology. Plasmas are cheaper, heavier and have deeper blacks. LCD are more available and have a better side range.


Answer by  Proficient (30)

An LCD TV would be your best option to go with for your new TV if you are ignoring prices. The best way to help you choose is to do more research online through various website reviews on High Definition Televisions.


Answer by  CP (232)

They are all great! The best thing would be is to go to the store and see which ones you liked the most and then go from there. The people working can also help you out with your decision.


Answer by  turker297 (87)

The choice is a personal one based on many factors such as: viewing location, viewing angle, price, size, etc. Start by researching each type online, at a site like Wikipedia.


Answer by  mrsmyers (474)

This is the age old question that really has no right or wrong answer. It really depends on what you want to get out of your TV. Plasma, LCD, and DLP each have thier own unique qualities that make it enjoyable it just simply depends on your preference like I said.


Answer by  cotosvasile83 (25)

an advantage to buy a plasma TV can be that a better quality compared to same old TV and a greater life


Answer by  mansi (521)

Plasma has a limited life, around 70,000 hours, once it is done, you would have to recharge the inert gas. LCD's don't produce blacks like the plasma's, and pixels may go bad, in one place or another. Make sure you go with a name brand like Samsung, Sony, Pioneer, etc

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