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Question by  spyman0071 (86)

Have you had any problems with your Fisher Price tape player?

Ours has not worked from the beginning.


Answer by  Bluegrasser (57)

We have not had any problems with my daughters Fisher Price tape player. It has worked great for over five years now. The only issue we have faced would be the volume control is a little tricky. Sometimes it may stick at a certain volume but that is the only issue we have had.


Answer by  db (90)

I have not had any trouble with the Fisher Price tape player. My 4 year old daughter received this for her birthday and we have had nothing but great experience with it. I would highly reccomend this toy, as well as all Fisher Price toys, to anyone with children under the age of 6yrs old.


Answer by  GladysSniggles (5)

I used to sing and play my songs into my kid's Fisher Price tape player, then play along with them as a duet to entertain the family. Never had a lick of trouble with it, aside from a little warble that seemed to help make me sound better


Answer by  Elsa (13)

We have had no problems whatsoever with the tape player. My daughter loves playing with it and carries it from room to room with her and loves pretending it's the real thing, just like her daddy has.

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