Question by  HMG (139)

Have you ever played Legacy Online?

Is it fun?


Answer by  rabbui (275)

I have not played Legacy Online but do know people that have. It is said to be very fun and addictive!


Answer by  CyberNaruto (5)

I've played it before , it's bland similar in style and graphic detail ( or lack there of) to endless online , i suppose it would be fun for "casual" gamers as this won't hold your attention for long , periodically or so you will see bad jokes or bad puns that distract you... needs work


Answer by  JE25 (18)

Yes I have played it online a couple of times, but to tell you the truth it's very addicting to play. It's very fun but a waste of time, so don't get into it.


Answer by  talhadetho (106)

I have played legacy online but i,personally,didnt find it very fun.It just seemed too much like "work",to be honest.I got bored of it in about 1 hour.

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