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Question by  wanda (58)

Does Royal Caribbean allow you to take wine aboard their cruise?


Answer by  hahagal (983)

The rules is that you can not bring wine on board when you first enter the cruise. However you are able to buy wine onto the boat from the various stops. However, the front desk will take the wine and place the wine on hold in till the end of your trip.


Answer by  kd97 (733)

No, unfortunately, alcoholic beverages of all types are forbidden to bring aboard Royal Caribbean cruise lines. The same is said for nearly all other popular cruise lines.

posted by Anonymous
Not true! Carnival allows 1 bottle of wine per person to bring on board when you checkin!  add a comment

Answer by  bean11 (2803)

As long as you are of legal drinking age in the United States (21 years old) Royal Caribbean cruise lines will allow you to bring alcohol aboard their cruise ships.


Answer by  AndersonFreixo (14)

Royal Caribbean, forbbids the passengers to take any kind of alcoholic drinks aboard. Any passenger who disrespects this prohibition might have to disembark or will not be able to board.


Answer by  serendip (408)

Royal Caribbean does allow you to bring wine aboard their cruise. You can take the bottle to dinner and have it opened by the wine steward. They will charge you a corkage fee, probably about twelve dollars. Their official policy is to not allow liquor to be brought on board and consumed.


Answer by  diane23 (1167)

No. Most cruise lines do not allow alcohol to be brought on board, and will require passengers to check any alcohol purchased at ports until the end of the cruise.

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