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Question by  kittytre1 (69)

Does Mrs. Butterworth make the best syrup?

Who is your favorite?


Answer by  wolferiver (122)

Alas, Mrs. Butterworth formerly made syrup that was to dream about. It once contained 2-4% real butter, but no longer. My favorite is good quality pure Vermont maple syrup. Vermont Country Store's brand should be good. (I haven't eaten real maple syrup in years--I'm diabetic)


Answer by  jangm96 (899)

In my opinion Mrs. Butterworth makes the best pancake syrup. There's a store brand that comes in very close and is a great substitute for when one is on a budget, and that is in my opinion, Walmart's Butter-Flavored Great Value pancake and waffle syrup. Still Mrs. Butterworth is best.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

It's an ok syrup but not a great brand. You should look for a pure maple syrup at your local store. Log Cabin is a pretty good brand.


Answer by  Brald (165)

Well i would have to say i enjoy any brand of pure maple syrup. Its sweet on the tong and i feel like i can never get enough of it.

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