Question by  Anonymous

Does god love me?


Answer by  gfr (97)

Why not? We are all the children of GOD. God must have more love and affection with their children. He must be very affectionate father of the heaven and he is taking more care to his children. So definitely the God must love with you and your family members


Answer by  Anonymous

Yes and you will feel it more if you believe it. He takes care of us in ways that we don't even undertand sometimes but his presence is felt and is sweet and warm and comforting. So you should never be too hard on yourself because He isn't!


Answer by  somerset (801)

That is one love you can be completely sure of, without any doubt.


Answer by  Joanie (156)

Yes, God adores me because Jesus Christ gave his life and suffered a cruel death by taking my punishment for my wrongdoings, and he forgave me completely.

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